Diane B Soteras, LCSW

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Diane B Soteras, LCSW
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B Soteras, LCSW
I have been working with individuals, couples and groups for the past 29 years. I have kept my focus on substance abuse and dependence, relationship issues, depression, stress management & anxiety. My passion lies in assisting clients develop awareness into sources and repetition of problematic behaviors and negative thought patterns that keep them in unmanageablity. Once clients develop awareness of these patterns, they begin to make healthier choices: see where their control really lies, begin to set boundaries and develop healthy coping skills.
Developing awareness is the first step to achieving one’s goals.
I believe a client-centered, cognitive behavioral approach within a 12 Step framework is effective for my clients to develop the personal insight they need in order to put into action the different coping strategies and supports that are available to them in order to achieve change and live their best life.
Over the span of my career I have worked in several different settings. Since 2007 I have limited my work to private practice. My treatment philosophy centers around the ongoing supportive interaction one needs to develop the personal insight that allows clients to get creative and live differently. This is achieved by forming a solid,trusting relationship.


Addiction / Substance Abuse, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Stress
Age Groups Served
Adolescents, Adults
Years in Practice
29 Years
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Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Clinical Supervision
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135 North Arlington Heights Road, Buffalo Grove, IL, USA
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Earned the Animal Assisted Therapy Interventionist Certificate (AAT-I)
Service Type
Psychotherapist/Counselor, Addictions Counselor
Several different versions of the following: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, UMR, United Health Care, Value Options more available upon request. I also participate in several Employee Assistance Programs ,
In Office
Per insurance, without insurance $250.00 first appointment,$200.00 thereafter
Prescribes Medication
I found this intro course extremely helpful and informative! I recommend this for anyone interested in AAT as a place to start developing a better understanding of how to proceed.
Katrina Marquez
IIC / Matthew Sable
This introductory course made me very excited to continue and finish the rest of the program!
BRANDI Kulikov-Ramirez
Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

I just completed the free introduction to the AAT-1 and I am super excited to add this to my credentials. My goal is to work with military veterans to help partner them with medical service dogs.

Lois Curry-Catanese
This was a terrific, thoughtful, and exhaustive study of all the issues regarding AAT and Ethical considerations. These considerations in many ways are the differentiator between someone using an animal in therapy or being an Animal Assisted Interventionist. I am excited for the rest of the modules! Thanks so much.
Yonason Ron Witonsky
Psychotherapist / NYCSUPPORT
The experential was an amazing paradigm shifting intensive. I learned so many creative interventions with amazing animals which will greatly enhance my practice and I look forward to applying all that I learned, In addition the training team is obviously doing what is a "labor of love" helping people and providing amazing experiences with animals!
Yonason (Ron) Witonsky
Psychotherapist / NYCSUPPORT
This AAT training was excellent!!! The instructors, including the Equine Experts, were incredibly knowledgable. The hands-on training with the animals (especially the horses!) was very, relevant and I always felt safe knowing that the instructors were looking out for us. I look forward to incorporating everything I learned into my future, private practice. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who is interested in having an animal as their co-therapist. A huge thank you to Cristina and Sarah for providing this amazing training! This experience was truly invaluable, as well as unforgettable!
Kirsten Newell Marino
Clinical Mental Health Counselor

This experiential weekend exceeded my expectations. The instructors were well prepared and presented material and real-time experiences that will greatly enhance my ability to apply AAT in my practice. The exercises and activities served not only to improve our skills and knowledge, but also offered opportunities to experience AAT as our clients will and created a deep bond among the group. The beautiful setting at the refuge offered an incredible variety of animals to help us begin identifying the many ways any animal can help serve the needs of our diverse client populations. With the tremendous amount of information provided, I feel competent to begin the process of training my animals and incorporating them into practice.

Kelly Jerome
Counselor and Psychotherapist / Fresh Air Counseling

This was a great course which taught me alot regarding the Human Animal Bond and especially how this bond transcends the obvious benefits animals bring. This bond is an absolute asset to the arsenal of any Mental Health Professional and allows the clients past positive experiences with animals including hardwired desire to connect with nature to improve the therapeutic alliance as well as open up new vistas in treatment.

Yonason (Ron) Witonsky
Psychotherapist / The Floating Hospital
Excellent introduction to AAT
Roberta Rood